Are Your Meetings A Waste of Time?


You may have heard it. You’ve probably even thought it yourself. Meetings are a waste of time. Meetings take too long. What we discuss at this meeting isn’t relevant or helpful to me.

We’ve all sat in a meeting that we wished we could have missed. But your meetings don’t have to be that way. Used properly meetings can be a valuable tool for educating people who share similar aims and goals, motivating lagging members, or revving up the best members to go even further. The key to good meetings is good planning.

Make your next meeting better by:

  1. Starting and ending on time—So simple but often overlooked
  2. Picking and advertising and enticing topics—Advertising can be done free of charge by using your email list or submitting an announcement in your local paper
  3. Publicizing and sticking to a printed agenda­—Email the agenda ahead of time and/or have it printed and waiting at the door to be handed out as members enter
  4. Assigning action items with deadlines, and then following up so that people know their work is not in vain
  5. Sending minutes out shortly after the meeting—Within a week is best if you meet monthly, sooner if you meet more often

A surefire way to add a little zing to your meetings is to invite an expert to address a topic that is of interest and importance to your members. Find one at We are adding speaker experts every day.


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